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Monday, August 31, 2015

Audio and Video Now Offered by GH Imaging

We've been in the printing business a while, we've also mastered the art of signs.  We can wrap vehicles, we can design logos, we can print anything from a business card to a banner big enough to cover a building.  We do shirts, both embroidered and printed. We do websites, we do content.  We do signs, we do decals, we can image an entire building or we can just make you a table tent that says "tonight's dinner special."

Well, that's a lot to offer, but we've been down in the secret development department developing a whole new arm to all we offer here at GH Companies.....Audio and Video!

We've brought in some top notch local talent in both copy writing, video filming and production, voice over and audio production for radio spots or web pieces.  We have invested in the latest technology to make sure anything we produce is of national caliber and will help to make your business stand out in an ever increasing world of messaging.

We've done a few videos internally, have a look at what we've done so far.

Daniel McKinnon talks about Village Manor of Ludington

A fictitious view of GH Construction from GH Imaging

Finally One Way Vision.  Use your entire store front as a billboard!

These are just a few samples of what we've got going in the A/V department!  Do you need a commercial produced?  Maybe some company head shots taken?  Need some voice work for something you are working on?  GH has the solutions for you!  Call 1-800-678-4941 or click on the logo below to be connected with a "Quick Quote" on your next audio and video needs.

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