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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Happy Customer

Do you stop and think about what it takes to truly have a "happy customer"?

It's not always the biggest things they are looking for.  Sometimes it's attention to detail, other times it's remembering someones kids names or the name and occupation of their spouse.  There are those times when you have to go WAY out of your way to please a demanding person, but that's not always a bad thing.  Someone who pays so much attention to making sure they are taken care of, probably doesn't forget who was there to meet their need and who it was that met it on time, on budget and went above expectations.

From a service standpoint, no matter the client size, their needs are important.  It could be a simple order of your most common items, it could be a multi-platform order that pulls from everything you offer.  To you the job might seem small, but to the person on the other end, your's the #1 priority on their plate, and they came to YOU to help with it.  That's an honor right there!

At GH Companies, we work hard on every level to make sure that if someone is spending $100 bucks to $10,000 bucks to let them know they are important.  We work hard to let them know that we wish to truly be a "partner" in their success and that what might be a small order today, in time....will grow along with the success of our client, and in return our success grows because we were able to pay attention to the details, take the extra step and make someone's tasks a little easier.

It's a simple task really, elevate your customers and in return your business will grow.

How can we go above expectations for you today?

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