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Friday, July 31, 2015

Wrap It Up!

Have you even driven around town and noticed a city bus with a company's message all over it?  I am not talking about a lot of the same bus boards on the same bus, I mean literally  ALL OVER IT. Maybe a concert tour bus with some big ole' cowboy grinning from ear to ear because he's out touring the country and putting a lot of miles on doing it?

Well, there's a purpose for that.  It's called standing out!

Your vehicle is an amazing place to have your message seen, and what's best about it is that no matter where you are, you have a billboard with you!  Like any other advertising medium, impressions count and top of mind awareness counts.

Is your service vehicle is wrapped like John Belasco's of Belasco Electric Company?

Does your vehicle jump out at you like Denny's from Brooklyn Bagels?

The point is this.  If you are parked down the street doing a job and someone sees something as dramatic as the Belasco Van, they are going to remember it.  If you are serving food or gourmet coffee, Brooklyn Bagels truck and trailer says that they have quality on site or in their stores.  

Today's wraps are long lasting, UV resistant and can be installed in a short amount of time....not to mention offer some protection for the paint underneath them.  The also come off easily should you wish to update your look or just remove it from a vehicle.

Sound like something you'd be interested in?  There's the logo below for a "Quick Quote" give it a click and let's see what happens.  We'd be happy to help your business carry the image and reputation for quality on your mobile store front!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gh Companies Produce Quality Audio and Video!

Like all of our printing and sign work, we have been striving for the development of and implementation of digital offerings.

It takes a lot of work to put together something like this which we did for United Sign to showcase what they offer to help maximize profits at a service station, but we think you'll see, the hard work pays off.  Have a look at the fictional station "United Gas"

The 3-D animation, the attention to detail and the over all thought of everything that goes into a simple stop at a gas station is here, and on top of that...there is plenty of sound advise on how to make your products and services work for you to their fullest potential!

If you need some video work done like this, maybe a television spot produced or radio ad cut.  We're there!  We're ready to rock your world and make you stand out in a cluttered world of never ending messaging.

Click on the logo below and let the people at Gh Imaging handle your next video project.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Unity Music Festival

Since 2001 The Unity Music festival has been a staple in the West Michigan area and specifically, Muskegon Michigan where we at Gh Imaging call it home.

The festival draws thousands in from all over the Midwest to enjoy the family atmosphere, the positive contemporary Christian music scene as well as some sweltering Michigan August heat.

This year you'll see bands like Third Day, Kutless, Crowder, Matthew West and more.  They are the top names in Christian contemporary music and they LOVE coming to play on the beautiful shores of Muskegon Lake, and sharing their message.

You'll find great food, great people and a safe and fun environment for all ages to come and enjoy a great weekend!

We support the Unity Festival in a number of ways and we are proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization that continues to grow, continues to spread a positive message and gives families a chance to "rock out" together.

If you'd like to know more about the Unity Festival, or maybe buy some tickets to the event click on the link below and we'll see you at the show!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Be Seen With Out Outdoor Banner Stands!

When you are out in public and competing for some attention and you are looking for people to take your business seriously, you need a bold and beautiful way to make a first impression.  You need it to be light weight, easily portable and able to be set up, and taken down in quick fashion.  

We have a display for just about any occasion.  Single sided, double sided, durable and a snap to work with and the best part of all of them is that we can custom print your message in vibrant and fade resistant colors that will outshine anyone you are competing to be noticed.

We are happy to be able to assist your business in the ever growing world of competition for attention.  We'd be happy to offer you a Quick Quote on any of our outdoor banners and displays along with our other products to help you make a first impression, engage a client and be remembered for what you had to offer them!  Click on the Gh Imaging Logo below and go right to the Quick Quote Page!  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Weekend Edition!

The weekend is upon us and hopefully you're getting a chance to enjoy a little "R&R" with family and friends.

We enjoy the weekends too.  We're really lucky to live and work where we do.  We are really close to the shore of Lake Michigan and if you've never been here....we'd highly recommend a visit!

We have super clean beaches,  some of the best in the world actually.  There are great restaurants, friendly people and a tough as nails work ethic that resounds across the generations!  There are some pretty big events still to come this year.  The Unity Festival brings in the top names in Christian contemporary music artists and the Michigan Irish Music Festival is coming up in September.  Both of which we are very proud to work with.

We're proud to live in work in such a place, and no matter where you are, we hope you share the same pride in your community and do what you can to be a part of making it better!

Thank you from all of us at Gh Imaging for your business!

Photo courtesy of Mlive.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gh Printing - Meet Matt McKinnon

Matt McKinnon is often quiet, is a little reserved and was nervous about being in this video profile.  I think a quick peek at it will show you that Gh Printing is led by a very kind and thoughtful man in Matt.

At Gh Imaging we can help tell your story too.  We have done the research, we can prove that video is an engaging platform and that your message will not end up stuffed in a drawer like a phone book, live longer than any billboard and let your customers get to know you in a way like no other.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Digital Vs. Offset

Here's some basic info for you.  Ever wonder about digital or offset printing?  Well, since the good folks at Gh Printing know WAY more about such things than the blogger guy....let's turn the floor over to them.....

Is offset printing better than digital printing? It’s a question many have asked before, and the answer is not as clear and straight-forward as you might think. The answer, of course, is “yes and no.” Let’s explore the differences between offset printing and digital printing to see which is king when it comes to printing your marketing materials.

In general, offset printing is regarded as being of higher quality; however, digital printing has made strides in respect to quality and two copies of the same design – one via offset printing, the other via digital printing – may appear identical to the untrained eye. Offset printing presses also allow us to print larger sheets and can print many pieces quicker than digital printing presses – again, generally speaking.

Outside of those relatively minor differences, the actual finished product associated with offset printing versus digital printing are remarkably similar. The difference, as it turns out, is rooted more deeply in price and budget than anything else; and even these numbers are contingent on your business needs. GH Printing is here to offer you the best options to get your customer the quality they've come to expect at competitive prices. Let us help you make an impression.

Need a "Quick Quote"?  Click on the logo above!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Back To School Right Around the Corner

To parents, it's the most wonderful time of the year.  To kids, it means getting back to a schedule, going to bed on time, getting up in the morning, homework, sports.....the list goes on and on.  To us, back to school means a chance to add some eve catching details to the school to welcome them back and be excited about the return!

What does it take to develop some school spirit?  Well, let's show you a couple things.


QuickStick is an adhesive, fleixble fabric that is easy to place, move and reuse.  It will last a long time and there is no need to put holes in walls to use them.  Need a place to show off the school mascot?  Maybe the Student of the Month?  Click on the image below for QuickStick

Now, have a look at our apparel line.  Need to stock up the school store?  We got you covered.  Need some new shirts for the employees?  Done!  Want to sell some shirts at your festival or gathering?  We keep costs low so you can maximize your profits!  Click on the Apparel logo below to see what we can do for you and get you a Quick Quote!

Finally, if you really want to go "all in" on school spirit we can wrap your bus that the teams travel on and make your arrival to the competitions field even a little more intimidating!  It could even double as a place for your fans to gather and cheer on the team,  Take a look at the custom graphics we can do on vehicles!!  Click on that image for some more info!

We'll get you shaped up for back to school!  Call 1-800-678-4041 or use the link below for a Quick Quote!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Wind Sign Curb Frame!

Is the Wind Sign Curb Frame "revolutionary"?  Well, no, not really.  Is the Wind Sign Curb Frame a "great gift for any occasion"?  We dare you to get one for the Mrs. on your next anniversary.  Is the Wind Sign Curb Frame an essential tool for your business?  Ya, it really is!

The Wind Sign Curb Frame is a time tested and durable addition to your marketing efforts!  When you have people coming in to your place of business, they probably have a necessity item or two in mind and they might have a desired item or two that they want at the last minute!  Use the Wind Sign Curb Frame to let them know about your hot fresh coffee, maybe your great selection of donuts, lunch offerings, fountain drinks and more!  Make their stop a little more pleasant by letting them know you have more than the essentials.

High winds, UV and anything else Mother Nature can throw at this sign....child's play.  We have a huge selection of common items already printed for the sign space or, you can have something custom done and make it all yours!  The sides of the frame snap open and shut and the signs themselves are durable and interchangeable!  Sell out of donuts in the morning?  Change the sign over to lunch!  It's really that easy.

Click on the image for a "Quick Quote" and we'll be in touch.  If you are in a real hurry, give us a call, 1-800-821-6530.  We're happy to help you!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Quick Quote!

"To Be or Not to Be"  Quick enough for ya?

Hey, we know time is money and sometimes, you are in a hurry to get what you need, quoted, designed and shipped so YOU can look better than the competition or add that little extra something to your business image, your event's presence or just to make sure that you have gotten all you can out of what's available to you!

Our blue ribbon panel of estimators have devised this "Quick Quote" system which does a couple things.  First, it asks the tough questions like who you are and what you want.  Actually, we break down our list of products and services so all you have to do is click on a general idea, then that same panel of blue ribbon estimators will knuckle down on what you need.  Second, through "internet magic" we hustle your request right up to the front of the line so we can get to work on it for you!

Imagine that?  A company that will put your needs first?  We do that here at Gh!  We've built a reputation for it, we stand by it and we dare anyone to say different!

Click on the logo below and go directly to "Quick Quote" and let us help you out quickly, with a quote.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Meet the Power Grip Frame System

Well hello there and welcome back to the Gh Companies Blog!

We were just having a discussion here about wall applications.  There are a million different ways to hang something, we all know that but what's new, innovative, able to be customized, changed easily and installs in a snap with very minimal effort?

Take a look at the Power Grip Wall System.

This is an awesome addition to your area.  Once it's installed, you don't have to worry about temporary banners coming off or getting stolen.  You can also change what you have showcased in the frame as you need to and compared to huge paintings or shopping at an art gallery, it's a fraction of the cost.

This is a great innovation in interior or exterior decoration, or messaging.  Take a look at the video of the Power Grip Frame System in action at the beach in Muskegon.  If you're not from the area, this is located at Pere Marquette Beach.  It's consistently one of the top rated beaches in the country for cleanliness, beautiful sand for miles and it's right on the shore of Lake Michigan.  It's a beautiful place.  You should come see it yourself sometime.

Until we meet again!  Thanks for your time!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hello! We're here!

Hey, it's been a while since we sent you a little note on here.  Let's catch up a little!  We do have a new blogger, name's Andy, and I am pleased to meet ya!

Gh Companies are all plugging along and doing what we can for our customers new and old and we're also working on developing some offerings in the digital world.  Yes, we now have the ability to do audio and video for radio, television and if your're not familiar with it....this thing called YouTube which is on the Internet.  It's kind of a big deal.  I'll show you what I mean.

Dan McKinnon is the founder of the company and we recently sat down with him to learn a little about him and what it took to found and continue a company like our for all these years.

Brent McKinnon took over 6 years ago as the head of the company and we had a chat with him as well.

What did we talk to them for?  Well it's like this.  Not only can we see the passion from both guys about the company, the people in it, and what it took to get here....bumps in the road and all but we can see their humble approach to success and family.  They stepped forward to tell their story and share what Gh Imaging really is....and that's an extension of their family!  We all feel it here and who better to start with than the head honchos.  See if you can spot the similarities and differences on the generations.

Great video's and all, but how do they benefit you?  Imagine this.  You have a choice between a yellow page ad which lists the same 5 services you offer as the guy down the street who does what you do, you can put a billboard up for a month and hope your company culture comes through in the "6 words or less" parameter you're supposed to employ with a billboard or, you can have a lasting video where "John Q Public" gets to know you!  John Q learns a little about who you are and what makes you tick and where your true pride resides, in your product, your people and your company.  Now, imagine your video being shared among your family and friends on social media!  The average Facebook friend list is at about 338 friends one share, could net you 388 new views from one share and new people familiar with you and your company!  Best part is, it's out there and yours to keep.  It's not coming down at the end of the month and it's not tucked away in a drawer like a phone book.  You can add it to your website, you can play it at parties, you can stop random strangers on the street and say "Hey Look!  I'm on YouTube!"  (You probably won't go that far, but we will if we're showing you off.)

We're happy to help you craft a video like this, We're keeping it purposely cost efficient compared to the reach you can get from such a powerful tool!

Look forward to talking to you again soon.  Andy