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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Digital Vs. Offset

Here's some basic info for you.  Ever wonder about digital or offset printing?  Well, since the good folks at Gh Printing know WAY more about such things than the blogger guy....let's turn the floor over to them.....

Is offset printing better than digital printing? It’s a question many have asked before, and the answer is not as clear and straight-forward as you might think. The answer, of course, is “yes and no.” Let’s explore the differences between offset printing and digital printing to see which is king when it comes to printing your marketing materials.

In general, offset printing is regarded as being of higher quality; however, digital printing has made strides in respect to quality and two copies of the same design – one via offset printing, the other via digital printing – may appear identical to the untrained eye. Offset printing presses also allow us to print larger sheets and can print many pieces quicker than digital printing presses – again, generally speaking.

Outside of those relatively minor differences, the actual finished product associated with offset printing versus digital printing are remarkably similar. The difference, as it turns out, is rooted more deeply in price and budget than anything else; and even these numbers are contingent on your business needs. GH Printing is here to offer you the best options to get your customer the quality they've come to expect at competitive prices. Let us help you make an impression.

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