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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Large Vinyl Banners

We had quoted on and won a bid on a series of large banners that were to be displayed on the facia of a famous museum. The museum had a graphics designer create the series and by ordering the banners in a single order they were able to save quite a bit of money.

The art arrived on DVD and included printed proofs for color matching. The art was provided in Adobe InDesign which was great, as we are an Adobe Partners Print Provider. I had to open each file and add our finishing information and to make sure the correct profiles were applied. Once I had completed my pre-press checklist, I printed out a set of proofs and compared them to the supplied proofs.

A message and web proof was sent to the sales department to update the status of the job and the job was put in a holding mode. The sales person eventually sends a notification that the job can be printed. At this point the files are exported to a specific style of PDF and sent to a rip que where an imaging specialist will sort, and arrange jobs to render the best yield.

These particular designs where imaged on a HP XL1500 8-color grand format inkjet printer at approximately 800 sq.ft. an hour, they were then rolled and sent to the finishing department.

Once in the finishing department they are inspected, trimmed, hemmed, grommet added and packaged for shipping While the majority of our product ship UPS, this order required a crate and was shipped via a trucking service.

The customer was quick to call and express their appreciation, this was actually the second year we had won and produced the order.

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